Our food menu



House Appetizers:
Various types of salami with various sauces and toasted bread

First Courses

Crepes with red chicory and sausages

Small macaroni with donkey stew sauce

Bigoli pasta with sardines sauce

Capunsei: Typical dumplings made of bread, garlic, parmesan cheese and parsley

Tagliolini pasta with seasonal vegetables sauce

Seasonal vegetables soups

Bigoli pasta with rabbit sauce

Small macaroni with bacon and beans

Tagliatelle pasta with duck sauce

Pasta with cauliflowers and pine nuts

Second Courses

Different types of grilled pork meat

Grilled pork fillet with sauce of pepper and nuts

Duck stewed in wine with polenta

Roasted rabbit with polenta

Foal (equine) stew with polenta

Polenta with mushrooms and cheeses

Roasted pork shank with roasted potatoes

Beef cheeks with polenta

Fried cheese SUMMER


Carrots cake

Jam pie

Chocolate salami

Sbrisolona: typical crunchy cake made with flour, sugar, butter, eggs, almonds and nuts

Chocolate salami

Chilled dessert made with ice cream

Apples cake

Pears and chocolate cake

Sponge cake